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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 10, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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"cbs news," they do not believe it was a military missile. they think it could have been an airplane or amateur rocket. >> good morning and welcome to 9 news now. today is wednesday, november 10th, 2010. good morning angie. >> we begin and we have been on cruise control. cool mornings, sunny afternoons. the wind started to lay down and i don't think they will be much of a factor. if you loved yesterday, we'll do the same thing again this afternoon. here is your day plan were on this wednesday morning. we're halfway home people, halfway home. 50 at 9:00 sunny. noon 57. winds at ten miles an hour. that is better than gusts at 20 or 30. still dealing with the storm in
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the northern atlantic. if you going to boston today, take the rain gear. frederick is 36. leesburg is 46. here in town on the bay, 48 degrees. looking for highs today in the low 60s just like the last couple of days. we'll get to 62. maybe a few spots warmer to the west. it is 4:31. here is angie. >> no big surprise here. we're waking up to some construction outside. we can't to begin live with the beltway but this time in virginia and show you the setup is near brad dick road and near root 7 and you have to stay to the left. should be clearing by 5:00 a.m. moving to 270, road work near falls road, but overall volume light. 95 and the vw parkway, nice clean and green out of
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baltimore but issues on 95 northbound at powder mill and 32. that is where the road work is set up. in virginia, we have construction. that is at 4:40. we'll have a look at 50 headed westbound from the eastern shore. back to you. >> thank you. here is a look at things while you slept. president obama is on his way to south korea. this is the third stop on his four-nation tour of asia. tuesday he gave a major speech and stressed the united states is not at war against islam but rather against violent extremists who he says have no claim on any religion. >> the crews ship is being towed back to california. a fire cut power and sent the ship adrift. the passengers and crew on
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board don't have air- conditioning or hot water. tugboats will get the ship to san diego by thursday evening. hundreds honored the slain professor. >> many in the crowd say this was their way to say good-bye to a professor who inspired them to become a better person. >> her class, defining moment. >> defining lives one by one. she is remembered tonight as a woman who reached people, a professor who got it. >> she was also a great friend, mentor. >> she was the faculty member that people wanted her to write their recommendations for graduate school. >> those introductions are no longer possible. they are trying to find out what occurred in that residence
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that night. waswe'll have to narrow it down and hopefully make an arrest in this matter. >> he says many voice frustration that the 18-year- old arrested in her stolen car is not facing murder charges. >> trust us, detectives know what they are doing. they are doing a diligent investigation. they are not going to leave anything behind. they will do this the right way. >> the right way may mean the slow way. the 18-year-old suspect found driving her car is still being questioned by police. they believe he still has plenty information about that case. the chandra levy murder trial continues today. a cell mate said he did kill
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the federal intern. police are looking for the gunman who killed a popular student at spin guard high school in the district. >> the 17-year-old was shot and killed in the 1300 block of holbrook street northeast. police say sharp was walking down the street when someone opened fire. the dc police offer hired an attorney. the 20-year-old says the officer who was moonlighting as a security guard roughed him up at a college party. the officer has been suspended along with three other officers who were there. 4:35 now. well, the race for the 11th congressional seat is over. he conceded to jerry connolly. he was reelected by only 981 votes. he spent the weekend in the hospital after a routine test
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found a blood clot. he said he is fine and will have no problem doing his job. >> he is listening to voters and may be open to making changes in healthcare which he voted for. >> i'm absolutely open to perfecting legislation. i well not support and i will vigorously resist any attempt to repeal it. he declined to answer questions on camera but decided not to ask for a recount because he didn't think it would change the results. he said he would keep the option open if any problems were found by the state. cia officers who destroyed dozens of videotape of terror suspects will not face charges. the cia destroyed some of the tapes of two al qaeda operatives in 2005. the justice department is still investigating whether the interrogators went beyond the
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legal guidance they got on rough treatment of suspects. he says he is not guilty. that was his plea yesterday. he was arrested last month and federal officials say he was plotting with people who he thought were al qaeda members. they were federal agents though. his trial will begin in april. >> the national mall is about to receive a much-needed facelift. >> the secretary of the interior and national park service took on us a tour. a new sea wall will be complete by next year's cherry blossom festival. they signed a record of decision. there is along-term master plan to upgrade the entire mall. it is now in place. >> america cannot stand by and let the national mall continue
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to be a national disgrace. they will raise half of the retired funds to restore and approve this space to make it something we all can be proud of. >> now coca-cola has donated 700,000 recycling bins for the mall. >> our time now is 4:38. are you worn down by stress? you may want to move to northern virginia. american shoppers give retailers news they didn't want to hear heading into the holiday shopping season. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent drizzle.
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here es angie with your timesaver traffic. >> we're traveling from the eastern shore on 50 headed westbound toward 97 and beyond. you'll have your lanes wide openerly on this wednesday. coming up at 4:48 we'll have a look at that drive up through 95. back to you. >> it is 4:40 and time for the first money report in the morning. >> good morning. >> good morning guys. wall street would like to pick things up a little bit. it has been a rough week so far
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for investors. checking the numbers on wall street. the dow at 11,346 after dropping 60 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq dropped 17 points and the s&p 500 index fell by almost ten points. the economic outlook for most americans is improving but not enough to give the holiday shopping season a boost. a new survey finds people's stress level is down from september and significantly didn't than a year ago, but fewer people plan to shop in the next 30 days and that could mean a slow start to the holiday shopping season. >> >> u.s. airlines canceled flights up 61% from a year ago. this comes after the government required airlines to let passengers off stuck flights within three hours or face fines. tarmac delays of over 3 hours dropped to four in september
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compared to six. they don't want to face these fines. they are talking to customers now. that is a good thing. >> novel idea. >> that just drives me nuts but i'll leave it at that. >> 4:42. munn gum ry county will open a theater. >> metro transit is testing out a new device they hope will keep you safe as you walk around the district. it is 4:42. we'll be right back. this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff.
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weather first. an hour by hour forecast to help plan your day. >> what are you guys doing over there? >> we're looking at a magazine. it is our own angie. things have changed. >> i know. >> inside the cover, inside all about angie and living her dream, living her calling. >> i'm just a maded.
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when i made the cover of this it was just a little bitty magazine. look how beautiful it is now. and congratulations. >> thank you very much. i am grateful they even asked me to do anything. >> angie looks good. >> okay, stop. >> that is enough: >> we want the weather first. >> congratulations. >> that is the most beautiful picture according to app. >> weather-wise we have another cool morning. we're going to have another cen ney pleasant afternoon. we have been on a nice roll here for the last several days. we'll keep it going. >> the bus stop forecast, temperatures are in some cases in the upper 30s, but we'll call it 30s and 40s out there. clear to partly cloudy skies. sun up at 6:45, setting at
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4:59. sunny and 50 degrees today at 9:00. northerly winds at 10. sunny and 57. then towards the 5:00 hour, sunshine has faded because it is generally clear skies, 59 degrees. north winds 10 all day. highs in the low 60s. there is not much to show you. a few clouds off to our east and north, but we're looking clear this morning and chilly. there are 30s there. winchester 39 you head to the bay and into town, upper 40s. southern maryland in the upper 40s at 47 degrees. national, 48, a north wind at 10, humidity at 77%. windchills down. one thing that isn't down is temperatures in the middle of the country. look at this. 50s and 60s now extending across the mississippi valley
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through the southern plains. you see the 20s and 30s in the rockies. they are dealing with plenty of snow in the higher elevations and another storm system coming onshore. while the stormy nes is out west, we have an area of high pressure in the eastern half of the country at the will bring milder temperatures. they are dipping in the west. a dip in the west, ridge in the east. we're looking at nice weather here except for the storm. if it weren't for the storm, we would be back in the upper 60s already. that will happen toward the weekend, looking pretty good, but the future cast showing, the storm and any rain with it offshore clipping southeastern parents of massachusetts midday. we stay sunny, dry. that will be the case again for tonight. that will be the case again tor tomorrow, sunshine, dry weather and cool temperatures. generally look for highs around
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that 60-degree mark. as we look at what we're expecting for this afternoon, looks pretty nice around here. we'll have 62 here. holding in the 50s on the bay and lower 60s there. hagerstown up to 59 degrees. eastern shore, highs around 60. so the next three days, 62 today, 60 tomorrow and veterans day. friday we're back in the low 60s if not mid-60s. the weekend still looking nice. friday night, games are going on there. saturday upper 60s. back to mid 60ed sunday. then monday 59. tuesday, a chance of rain. we pushrd it back one day with temperatures in the upper 50s. it is 4:48. here is the latest traffic. >> thank you howard very much. happy wednesday. we have some construction.
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395. northbound at the 14th street bridge. it is taking away a left lane. 66 headed eastbound, no issues to report from centreville to the capital beltway. maryland 270 headed southbound. a good amount of lights. you'll want to watch for that lingering construction in the local lanes and through lanes. construction near new hampshire avenue should be in the clearing stages so soon you'll have all your lanes back. root 4 and 5. the double thumbs up, so far. coming up, at 5:01, a live look at 95 out of the frederiksberg. back to you. >> metro transit is using a new device on some buses to try and increase pedestrian safety. >> this is an interesting option you might not have heard
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before. we want to find out what the plan is to avoid pedestrian accidents. here is more. >> reporter: pedestrians, buses turning. >> >> reporter: he is already pretty familiar with that new caution message blaring from some metro buses in northeast dc. >> that is a good idea because a lot of people can hear that well. >> reporter: the washington metro transit authority says these shouts buses are part of a test program to keep pedestrians safer when the bus turns the corner. >> the pedestrians are the ones you have to look out for. out of 2500 bus drivers only a rare few actually operate a talking bus. this was at the intersection. >> when they go across, the bus is turning. they say it is a welcome change. >> you just have to be careful
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because the bus driver can't see anything. >> with buses screaming their way around acorner some pedestrians say you still have to stay out of their way. >> the transit authority says this is only a pilot program so it may be awhile before the talking buses show up at your bus stop. now probably because it was a pilot program, they were a bit stingy when it comes to information they won't tell us how much the whole thing costs or when they plan to possibly take the program city wide. >> we have done stories on the people who have hearing challenges and couldn't hear cars coming so it might bow a good idea. >> they want to add ten new roots to bring bus service to major activity centers in the district that are now already linked by metro rail.
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they are holding a melting saturday from 1:30 to 3:30. arlington police are cracking down on drivers who don't yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. >> officers were out issuing tickets to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. police arrestationsed at several intersection including wilson boulevard. they handed out 33 citations to drivers including a metro bus driver and gave out 50 verbal warnings to pedestrians and cyclists as well. keeping the elderly safe behind the wheel, they have a summit to address the fact that 1 in 5 licensed drivers will soon be 65 or older and many of them could likely have medical conditions that could affect their driving. some of the solution being discussed right now, smarter cars and possibly better roads.
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living in northern virginia can help you lead a stress free life, that is if you live in arlington. that is number 13. if you really want to destress, then go west young man and head to north or south dakota. counties there took the top four spots. food drive 9 is currently under way. >> it is an easy way for you to help people this thanksgiving season. you we need you to fill up the plastic bags with non-parish vable food items. all are going to the capital area food bank. more airlines ground their fleet. >> an icon comes to washington to fulfill her lifelong dream. >> it is time for the question of the day. we all remember the days of separate beds for married
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couples on tv. >> like i love lucy was one of those back in the day. >> a study suggestions that trend is still a daily thing. we wanted to see what percent of married couples admitted to sleeping in separate beds. add your answer to our facebook page and we'll announce it in a little bit. keep it here. 3q lysol believes t ds shouldn't miss school days during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 4:56 on this wednesday morning. cool mornings, crisp pleasant afternoons there. sunshine, 50ish by 9:00.
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upper 50s by noon. winds about 10 miles an hour. 5:00 p.m., generally clear skies. sunset 4:59. temperature of 59 degrees. taylor swift picked up another award at the bmi awards. her new album, speak now, released earlier this week has sold more than a million copies. something big is coming to montgomery county. regal majestic theater will give people a new showing. harry potter films, harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1. curtain goes up november 19th. >> walking distance, i like that. betty white was in our region yesterday. she didn't come as an actress or
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performer or even an advocate for animals. >> the 88-year-old entertainer says she's fulfilled a life-long dream. >> yellowstone park became my second home. >> betty white is an honorary forest ranger. white says she's wanted this title since she was a young girl, but because she was a girl, she couldn't be a ranger. >> as excited as i am today and as grateful as i am, i know two people who would be over the moon, my mother and dad. thank you. >> reporter: white says she was honored, one of her fellow rangers says this milestone means a lot to him. joe mead says it's white's work with guide dogs that's helped him early in the forest service. >> early in the forest service
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career, it was dominated by individuals that were able-bodied and pretty much male and white. to have her embraced as a ranger, for me, a person that represents diversity and truly values that diversity, it's just, it's a double honor. >> reporter: white says she's going to use her celebrity status to help support service. >> try to spread the word to each other, one-to-one-to-one. >> white also said she believes washington, d.c. is the most beautiful city in the world. she was in town at the community center last night when tina fey received a prize for american humor. good morning, again, thank you for watching 9 news now. it is 5:00 a.m. . >> it sure is. traffic in just a moment. first


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